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1. Camp opens at 8am Monday. ALL persons are to check in at the Mess Hall upon arrival. 

2. Out of respect for the many people it takes to make camp possible, please follow all camp rules. This includes any request an adult may ask us to do or not to do.   Hebrews 13:17

3. To give God a chance to get his message to us, we will not pass notes, sleep, talk, hold hands, draw or use our cell phone during chapel services.   1 Timothy 2:9

4. We will make every attempt to come with and maintain a positive attitude throughout the week. We will not use profanity at any time.   James 3:9-10

5. In order to be a good testimony, we will abide by the camp dress code. Campers may wear t-shirts or modest sleeveless shirts. Swimming: Tankini's are allowed, no showing of the midriff. Bikini suits are not permitted. You must be covered when traveling to/ from pool. Shorts need to be a modest length. BYC reserves the right to request a change in clothing.               
1 Timothy 2:9

6. Campers who drive must turn keys in to registrar upon check-in. They will be returned at the end of camp. 

7. Campers will not leave the camp area except by the authority of the director or whom he appoints. Parent or Guardian must notify the registrar when taking or returning a camper to camp. 

8. ALL visitors must check in/out at the Mess Hall and wear a visitor lanyard while at the group camp. Visitors are only permitted in cabins during drop off 8-10am Monday. 

9. To keep God first, this is not a dating activity. If you have brought your boyfriend or girlfriend with you, we are glad to have them this week. However, we expect you to keep your activities G-rated.   1 Corinthians 7:1

10. In order to create a spiritual atmosphere for the whole week, there are certain items we will not use at camp. These include but are not limited to: electronic games, comics, magazines, tablets or laptops. If these items are found, they will be given to the director and returned at the end of camp. Church appropriate games and music only.   Ephesians 5:19

11. Cell phones may be used during permitted times only. There is a * beside permitted usage times in your schedule. If found other than times allowed, we will follow our cell phone policy. 

12. NO drugs, alcohol, vaping, tobacco or illegal substances permitted. If any of these items are found, we will follow our drug/alcohol policy. 

13. ALL medication must be given to camp nurse upon check in. No exceptions. 

14. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the staff, campers, visitors, etc. PLEASE reach out to the Director, Assistant Director, Registrar or Assistant Registrar as soon as possible. We want this week to be the best it can be!

. Responsibility:
-The camp assumes responsibility at 8am Monday and ceases that responsibility at 10am Friday.

     Any conduct, activity, or other individual expression by the campers other than the times listed above will be the                     responsibility of the church, parent/guardian or camp associate from which they came with.

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